Twenty Four Level Breathing Resistance,Work Out Mask,High Altitude Elevation Breathing Fitness Masks for Gym, Fitness, Cardio Endurance, Deprivation of Oxygen Mask for Men and Women Sports

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  • HALF THE TIME PERFORMANCE BOOSTER - 24 level breathing exercise mask. Take your exercise to high level altitude forcing you to take deeper and full breaths, to toughen your respiratory system and diaphragm. Suitable for both men and women to reach fitness goals.
  • INCREASE STAMINA AND ENDURANCE - build your endurance and stamina with reduce time by using our 24 level resistance masks. It provides a high altitude level of elevation simulation, with multiple levels of resistance to provide you a better breathing work out for stamina and endurance.
  • HIGH QUALITY - it is created with the newest technology with quality material to ensure that you will not experienced any breakage or ripping off masks part, making sport training and breathing more successful, safe and enjoyable.