Acupuncture Mat Eco-Friendly Mat and Pillow Set with A Carry Bag for Easy Transport to Help Relieve Sciatic Pain,Back Pain,Head,Neck (Green)

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Our Acupressure Acupuncture mat helps in revitalizing your body and mind. A versatile home and gym non slip exercise equipment mat, that can help in relieving body pains and aches. The soothing effect of the tiny needle spikes, provides comfort that can destress you and eases body and muscle tensions.

The Yoga Mat Acupuncture has a therapeutic effect, the needle spikes eases tense muscles, eliminates chronic pains making you feel into deep relaxation for a peaceful blissful asleep. Having a deeper and more relaxing sleep allows your body to get rid of the extra stress, improving your body's blood flow.

Yoga Mat lotus-shaped spikes that stimulates and revitalizes your energy level, providing you a more balance and happy mood. Enjoy total experience of acupressure at the comfort of your home or anywhere you want to be, as our complete set if Acupuncture Yoga mat comes with Pillow, Yoga Mat and a carry on bag for your convenience

  • Want to get revitalize?
  • Need body balance?
  • Need help to ease pain from spasm, arthritis, migraine, anxiety, sciatica?
  • We got you covered, our Yoga Mat Acupuncture, can help stay healthy, revitalized and Fit.

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  • RELIEVES ACHES and PAINS - Safe and easy way to get rid of your body aches like back pain, neck pain
  • REVITALIZES SLEEP - Pressure point yoga mat massager help ease muscles stiffness for blissful sleep.
  • RELAX and ENJOY - needle spikes stimulate the muscles, skin and body, revitalizing energy levels
  • ECO-FRIENDLY YOGA MAT - made of non-toxic hypoallergenic materials
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Contact us for questions and concerns